WDS1 Commercial Ozonated Water Unit


The BioSure system delivers unparalleled disinfection and hygiene solutions for every aspect of the commercial food operation.


Using the most advanced ozone-based technology, the BioSure equipment disinfects all washable surfaces, utensils and equipment, without the risk of taint from chemical residues.

Biosure is approved as a self-contained, terminal disinfectant ozone sanitization system. Eliminating Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella and other food borne pathogens from the food preparation area, to ensure food safety. Passing BS EN 1279: 2009 (Bactericidal Test), BS EN 1650: 1997 (Fungicidal Test) and TES-S-004 (Sensory/Taste Test)

The Biosure systems are compact, reliable and user friendly systems, that help to reduce hygiene costs.

The perfect solution for food manufacturing, food service and retail operations.




  • Designed for food and beverage production facilities
  • On demand highly dissolved ozonated water supply
  • ATS (Anytime System)
  • Reduces Chemical sanitation costs
  • High environmental profile as ozone leaves no chemicals or residual by-products to spoil product quality. No Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)
  • Micro-organisms cannot build up an ozone tolerance
  • High Performance: Capable of delivering;
  • 0.30 ppm of dissolved ozone in water at 4000LPH/67 LPM
  • 14 ppm of dissolved ozone in water at 100LPH/1.7LPM