Sterilizer 3000


Easy to use, Sterilizer 3000 has been designed as a compact and robust unit you can take anywhere to provide instant odour removal. The lightweight case is made of nicely curved ABS that can be placed on any surface without harming your interior furnishings. The Ozone output is provided in two directions so that the integrated fan provides an even spread of Ozone in the treatment area, ensuring all areas are treated. Complete with programmable controls for both Ozone output and timed ozone treatment cycles, makes this system very user friendly.


Sterilizer 3000 is the ideal tool for the removal of tobacco, mould, cooking and animal odours as well as allergens such as pollen. Used extensively in vehicles (taxis), hotel rooms, pubs, restaurants, changing rooms, boats, designated smoking areas, mobile homes and residential houses to name a few. The Sterilizer 3000 is a truly easy way to obtain long lasting results in an eco-friendly way, without the need for intense labour or chemical intervention.


Power consumption – 12w

Power input – 110/240v (AC adapter) / 12-24v

Weight – 0.8 kg

Size – 220 x 110 x 160mm

Ozone output – 150 mg/h

Maximum treatment area – 50 m3

Maintenance – Clean input filter with vacuum cleaner

Main advantages – Mobile, lightweight and compact design, Integrated timer, Double ozone flow – better coverage, Integrated fan, Soft start ON/ OFF, User friendly