Ozonated Water

Specialized Ozone Solutions ozonated water systems utilise Ozone based advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to deliver the fastest and most effective biocidal kill available on all contact surfaces, without the need for harsh chemicals.

How does it work?

Ozonated water is created by converting ambient air into Ozone gas via the Ozone generator which is then absorbed into a water stream through a venturi system. The venturi system creates a vortex and forces the Ozone gas into solution.



Food Manufacturing Facility

Ozonated water can be used to wash down food contact surfaces and equipment and by applying the highly potent biocide instantly kills microorganisms.

Ozonated water is highly effective against all common microorganisms found in the Food Factory environment (Listeria, Pseudomonas, E.coli, Salmonella, Coliforms, Yeast and Moulds). Despite its highly effective killing potential against micro-organisms , ozonated water creates no risk to humans. It leaves no taint or chemical residue.





Specialized Ozone Solutions ozonated water range also caters for those who require larger scale projects such as skid tanks for CIP and ring main systems as part of a bespoke ozonated water solution.



Would you like to know more?


Biosure Indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generator

Biosure uses the world’s leading ozone generation technology, Biosure indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generation (iEOG) technology. Electricity is applied to water and produces high purity, high concentration ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2).

It is unlike traditional ozone generators that use air as the source of oxygen.


Biosure’s patented iEOG technology generates ozone directly from tap water that is purified within a patented Pure Water System. No other substance besides water is used in the electrolysis, so only pure ozone without any harmful by-products (such as NOx) is produced. In addition, patented dissolving technology uses high pressure nebulization to achieve superior ozone dissolution efficiency.

  • Meets US OSHA off-gas safety standards
  • Requires only tap water and electricity
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Free of toxic by-products
  • Low voltage





ozonated-water-electrolysisOzone, as an oxidizer, which can be dissolved in water, is a broad spectrum disinfectant that is 3,000 times faster in eliminating bacteria, viruses and other pests than chlorine.


Biosure dissolved ozone is powerful and environmentally friendly. It is safe, after contact, ozone reverts back to harmless oxygen. Biosure systems are reliable and produce on-demand ozone production independent of external conditions such as air temperature, quality or humidity. Biosure ozonated water is cost-effective to produce, consuming low level energy.






Approved terminal sanitizer status following a testing process that was managed by Campdem BRI

BioSure is approved as a self-contained, terminal disinfection ozone sanitation system and has passed the following tests:

  • BS EN 1276:2009 (Bactericidal Test)
  • BS EN 1650:1997 (Fungicidal Test)
  • TES-S-004 (Sensory / Taste Test)








Ozonated Water Applications


Bottle Rinsing
Cleaning In Place (CIP)
Knife Sterilisation
Produce Washing
Surface Sanitising
Sanitising Tunnels
Tray Washers
Wash Room Sanitising





Fast Acting

Ozonated water is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. The system creates a biocidal liquid which is highly reactive and instantly eradicate microorganisms.



Cost Effective

Our ozonated water systems requires no consumables or chemicals with the only operational requirements being water and electricity. Very low running costs.


Simple To Use

Wall mounted controls with easy push button technology makes the systems simple and easy to use, without the need to mix or transport chemicals around the work space.



No Taint Or Residue

Ozonated water breaks down into water and oxygen therefore it does not leave any taint or any harmful residues. There are no disposal issues with ozonated water.

Ecologically Benign

Ozonated water is chemical free so reduces effluent charges and is safe to the environment. Water can be recycled and reused, keeping water costs and effluent charges very low.