Coolflow 5


The Coolflow series are the larger units in the OAS range, offering Ozone outputs up to 25g/hour.

Coolflow units are compact and have a highly efficient design. The range is available as standard,and can fit perfectly into most small industrial water applications and odour abatement projects.

The Coolflow series are user friendly allowing the user to remotely monitor and control a substantial Ozone concentration very easily.

Coolflow Series Ozone generators can be used in many applications, are quick to install and easy to control. These units while reliably producing ozone also provide a control system, with a range of digital and analogue interfaces. A touch panel LCD display and remote internet access provide both local and remote access to all functions for exceptional flexibility. Alarm functionality also available.





Maintenance – Maintenance free.

Main Advantages – Standard & compact design, Integrated compact system, Touch LCD Panel, Internet connectivity panel, Ozone cell made with SS316, PTFE and double ceramic components, Over temperature monitor



Coolflow 5

Power consumption – 80w

Power input – 110/240v

Ozone output – 5 g/h

Coolflow 12

Power consumption – 140w

Power input – 110/240v

Ozone output – 12 g/h

Coolflow 25

Power consumption – 250w

Power input – 110/240v

Ozone output – 25 g/h